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Para: Piel Seca, Grasa, Mixta, Normal, Sensible


Una crema de hidratación profunda enriquecida con emolientes botánicos y un complejo herbal adaptogénico está formulada para brindar hidratación, fortificación y nutrición a la piel. Esta lujosa crema, que incluye hongos Reishi calmantes, raíces de astrágalo y escualano de caña de azúcar de alta pureza, combinados con un complejo tripéptido que aumenta el colágeno, ofrece nutrición y revitalización esenciales para una piel más sana y radiante. Ideal para mantener la piel impecable para todo tipo de pieles, no comedogénico.

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Disfrute de la mejor experiencia de hidratación con nuestra crema de hidratación profunda que comprende la combinación perfecta de ingredientes botánicos emolientes y un complejo herbal adaptogénico. Enriqueciendo su piel con hidratación, fortificación y nutrición efectivas, esta lujosa crema es todo lo que necesita para una piel más sana y radiante.

Nuestra fórmula especial incluye las bondades naturales del hongo Reishi, la raíz de astrágalo y el escualano de alta pureza de la caña de azúcar, combinados con un complejo tripéptido que estimula el colágeno y trabaja en conjunto para ofrecer nutrición y revitalización esenciales. Esta crema no comedogénica y no grasa es ideal para mantener la piel impecable y es apta para todo tipo de pieles.

Experimente lo último en cuidado de la piel con la hidratación intensa de nuestra Crema Hydra Shroom. Comience su viaje hacia una piel profundamente hidratada, nutrida y brillante con COMUNE.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Very high quality

You can usually tell when a product is mostly water to maximize profits, but this felt as if every drop was filled with only the high-quality ingredients they specified. Really smooth, really light, really refreshing to use.

Nice Formula

This moisturizer is really nice. I follow this up in the daytime with spf and in the evening with a retinol and it leaves my skin feeling really nice and bright afterwards. The tube package is easy to apply directly to my face and feels more sanitary than dipping into a container. Really nice product !

Kevin Chung
Matte Moisturizer

So happy that the moisturizer doesn't leave my face feeling oily or sticky afterwards. Nice matte finish and super hydrating without making my tzone looking shiny

My New Daily Go-To Moisturizer

I've recently been trying to lockdown a skincare routine that is easy as it is reliable. It's been hard finding a product that caters to my combination skin; one that is vegan, cruelty free, and doesn't break the bank. I can honestly say this moisturizer is everything I've wanted and more! It leaves my skin hydrated without making it oily after a whole day of work, it's light, and (my favorite part) has a matte finish. What more could you ask for? I will definitely be trying the other products!

Perfect Makeup Base/Primer

Although this is the last step in my skincare routine, i had to review it first. After prepping my skin with the cleanser, toner, and serum, i finish it off with the Hydra Shroom Cream during the day which glides on so smoothly, visibly reducing my pores and leaving my skin feeling like satin. If you wear makeup, there's no need for additional base or primer when you use this cream. As a primer, it grips the makeup allowing it to melt into the skin for a flawless application. As a base, it really intensified my blush and contour so i didn't have to go heavy with product. Overall, I'm very impressed with the quality and versatility of this cream and the rest of the line.