The Liars

COMUNE/Drop City contributors the liars just finished a little media frenzy. Check out lead singer Angus Andrew rocking COMUNE gear. Click the images below to get to the links: (They are featured at about minute 3:18) “ “ -Corey

MP3 Monday.

[audio:|titles=01 Godless] -Corey


On Friday, March 26th COMU?E held their first Tent City camping experience. With over 250 guests in attendance the all night debauchery included the standard great taste of Gringo and the Bean, tunes provided by A perfect Gentleman and Dirty Dave, and a swarm of tents that created a true TENT CITY. The crackling of...

Corey Smith interview on Yobeat.

COMUNE art director COREY SMITH had an interview on Yobeat. Click the image to read more: -Billy

Noah and Nathan Rice

Nathan and Noah Rice have been a staple in the Portland art scene for almost a decade. They have forged a style and philosophy into their work, which is entirely unique. Working together as twin brothers and artists, they have compiled a vast array of artwork, along with an extensive list of exhibits. They are...

The Skies Are Safe Once Again.

A public Service Announcement by COMUNE/Drop City contributor Shelby Menzel. See more of Shelby’s Mental Observations at: THE SKIES ARE SAFE ONCE AGAIN- A PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT from shelby menzel . -Corey


If you’re in Melbourne check out COMUNE/Drop City contributor Ben Frost’s latest solo show titled “CONFESSIONS OF A MODEL CITIZEN. BEN FROST SOLO EXHIBITION GORKER GALLERY- 395 GORE ST, FITZROY, MELBOURNE OPENING THURSDAY MARCH 25TH 6-8PM 15 New Paintings by the artist -Corey

MP3 Monday

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, “Beat the Devil’s Tattoo”. Off their latest album of the same title. [audio:|titles=01 Beat The Devil's Tattoo] -Corey

SXSW Days 3 and 4: Sweet Soul, Sister

A band really has to stand out to get noticed at an event like SXSW. Thiscan be achieved in a few ways: to play a one off event like the Black Keys, to wear something unique like YACHT, or to sound as powerful as the aforementioned but with ear-crushing, programmed drums like Sleigh Bells. Luckily,...

Beans and Rice.

Check out COMUNE snowboarder Ben Rice’s senior picture. Seconds after this photo was taken he was immediately called a nerd and stuffed in the locker. -Corey

SXSW, Day 2: In the immortal words of Jean Paul Sartre, 'Au revoir, gopher.'

We’re not exactly sure where we were when things got hazy. Between traversing the mob outside The GZA throwing Wu! salutes, the hundreds of fans clamoring to get into an already at capacity Fucked Up performance, accidentally bumping into Bill Murray on Congress amidst groupies verbally assaulting him with Caddyshack quotes or hearing that A-Trak...

Oldy but a Goody.

Check out this old photo of COMUNE/Drop City contributor Jimmy Fontaine and COMUNE snowboarder Scotty Wittlake. It was a gentler time of innocence and time before beards. -Corey

SXSW, Day 1: Deep in the Heart of Texas

The South always gets a bad rap from westerners but the SXSW music festival reminds us why we love Austin, Texas so damn much: great music, good booze and of course that sweet southern hospitality. Navigating the various parties and showcases invariably leaves us with fuzzy hearing and a bad hangover but we always manage...

Ray Gordon Interview

Portland based photographer Ray Gordon, has been an inspiration and mentor of mine for many years. His photographic style is a mixture of fashion, lifestyle, music, and advertising; he can do anything. One thing that I have always admired about Ray’s work is his amazing sense of humor. Along with that, he also infuses a...

MP3 Monday

Title track from psych slackers Witch’s 1975 album ‘Lazy Bones’. [audio:|titles=01 Witch - Lazy Bones] -Corey