New Collage from Nathan and Noah Rice.

New collage art from COMUNE/Drop City artists Nathan and Noah Rice. Portland based twin artists have been turning out a collage a day since January 1st. -Corey

Ray Gordon Sassy Bear

Photographer and COMUNE/Drop City contributor Ray Gordon sent over this photo of him “Getting the Shot”. Ray’s lucky that beast didn’t turn on him! See more of Ray’s photography at -Corey

Woven Bones interview on LA

COMUNE/Drop City collaborators Woven Bones have a really cool interview on LA Records. Look for COMUNE/Drop City signature artist tee by Andy Burr(Bones) dropping in June. Austin-based Woven Bones are the next installment of dark lo-fi weirdo rock to be introduced into L.A. Bandleader Andy Burr (vocals/guitar) talks to L.A. RECORD about melting faces, being...

MP3 Monday



COMUNE PRESENTS: COREY SMITH “OBSOLETE DREAMS” February 5th – March 1st, 2010 Opening Reception – February 5, 2010, 7-12pm Portland, OR– February 5, 2010 – COMUNE presents DROP CITY artist, Corey Smith’s, “Obsolete Dreams” solo exhibition at Worksound Gallery, 820 SE Alder, Portland, OR 97214. We’ve seen the future, and it only looks good in...

Noel Sinclair Boyt

COMUNE/Drop City artist Noel Sinclair Boyt added some new drawings to his site. See more of Noel’s work at: “Singularities in Collapsing Stars” ink on paper. “I believe that life on Earth is at an ever-increasing risk of being wiped out by a disaster such as sudden nuclear war, a genetically engineered virus, or...

Let's have a party!

Scotty, Shelby, and friends had a party celebrating “life while the world slowly decays in the midst of an economic and emotional downturn”. It was a killer party. Photos by Shelby. -Corey

MP3 Monday

Errrr, Tuesday! Here’s a jam by the late, great, Jay Reatard. -Corey

Jimmy Fontaine

COMUNE/Drop City photographer Jimmy Fontaine sent over this new series of photos. See more of Jimmy’s work at and -Corey


COMUNE/Drop City artist Shelby Menzel sent me this jem from his archives. Filmed by tully flynn, edited by shelby menzel. See more of Shelby’s Mental Observations at THE MUTANT LEAGUE (FROM “THE HI-80′S”-1999) from shelby menzel on Vimeo. -Corey

Jay Reatard RIP

Jimmy Lee Lindsey Jr. (May 1, 1980 – January 13, 2010), better known by the stage name Jay Reatard. Lindsey was found dead in bed at his home in Midtown, Memphis around 3:30 a.m. on January 13, 2010. A death investigation has been opened by Memphis police. A statement was posted on the website of...

Corey Smith / Noel Sinclair Boyt

I was recently able to complete a collaborative project with one of my favorite artists Noel Sinclair Boyt. This piece titled “Welcome to Hell” is a knee jerk reaction to the paradox that is California. Myself being from Oregon and Noel being from Colorado both experienced culture shock when we first came to the Golden...

Noah and Nathan Rice

Here’s some new collage work by COMUNE/Drop City artists Noah and Nathan Rice. His new site will be up soon. I will keep you posted. -Corey

Danielle DeFoe

COMUNE/Drop City contributor Danielle DeFoe sent over this photo of the beautiful and talented Lauren Graham. See more of Danielle’s photography at and -Corey

The American Dream Awaits

Here’s a short film by COMUNE/Drop City contributor Shelby Menzel. See more of Shelby’s Mental Observations at THE AMERICAN DREAM AWAITS from shelby menzel on Vimeo. -Corey

MP3 Monday

Some good old skag rock with Pete “How is this guy still alive” Doherty. 2:16 has an interesting sound effect. Live at the Flophouse. -Corey