Jimmy Fontaine

I ran into COMUNE/Drop City contributor and fashion photographer Jimmy Fontaine while he’s out visiting from New York. It’s always a pleasure to hang with Jimmy. Here’s a little Q and A with the man himself. CS: Hello sir. You’re originally from Southern California but you’ve been living in New York for the past 5...

Ben Rice in Snowboarder mag

Pick up the latest copy of Snowboarder Mag and check out a double page spread of COMUNE snowboarder Ben Rice dropping a heavy front blunt transfer on a concrete ledge. Yep that’s right, everyone’s favorite pile Ben Rice. -Corey

MP3 Monday

An oldie but a goody. This song reminds me of rainy days in Portland OR.

Ragdoll and Karli plus 1

I recently had the pleasure of passing through Las Vegas and spending time with legendary skateboarder Anthony Scalamere and his lovely wife Karli. The couple has a little bun in the oven due in February. CS: What’s good my man? How are the holidays treating you? AS: Love/hate it. Next year I will be Santa...

Jimmy Fontaine

Check out this ten page story that COMUNE/Drop City artist Jimmy Fontaine just shot for METRO POP magazine. See more of Jimmy’s work at www.jimmyfontaine.com and www.jimmyfontainephotography.blogspot.com -Corey

Snowboard Mag Year in Photos 2010

Pick up the Snowboard Mag Year in Photos 2010 and check out photos of COMUNE snowboarders Eric Fernandez, Ben Rice, and Cale Zima. -Corey

Transworld Snowboard Mag Photo Issue 2010

Pick up a copy the latest Transworld Snowboard Magazine and check out these amazing photos of COMUNE snowboarders Cale Zima and Johnnie Paxson. -Corey

Brendan Hayes

COMUNE snowboarder Brendon Hayes stopped by the office today to say hello. I’m sitting down with COMUNE snowboarder and Ohio native Brendan Hayes to discuss snowboarding, life, seven and a half video parts, and moving back to Ohio to finish college. CS: Hey Brendan how are you? BH: I am well sir. CS: It’s hard...

Cale Zima

COMUNE snowboarder Cale Zima picked up a double page spread in the latest Snowboard mag. Pick up a copy and check out Cale’s massive ollie over a fence. -Corey

Johnnie Paxson

Check out these heavy photos of COMUNE snowboarder Johnnie Paxson in the new Snowboarder magazine and the Snowboarder Magazine photo annual. Don’t forget to check out Johnnie’s last part in F.O.D.T. x M.F.M’s new flick “Hard to Earn”. Mind blowing snowboarding. -Corey

Woven Bones December Tour

COMUNE/Drop City colaborators Woven Bones are in the middle of a December tour. Check these guys out if you haven’t yet. There’s a few dates left you can catch. Dec 17 2009 8:00P THE SMELL // W/ THE URINALS & WOUNDED LION Los Angeles, California Dec 18 2009 8:00P RED ROOM @ THE GRILL Tucson,...

Beautiful Southern California

You never know what you’re going to find on the beach these days. Today I found a head… If the owner of this head would like it returned, email me at corey@beta.thecomune.com to arrange a pick up. Good day. -Corey

The Powers Of 10

Next time you’re stressed out about whatever problem you may have in your life, watch this video and relax. Life is beautiful. -Corey

Old School

Check out my 86 year old Great Aunt, rockin our Holiday Matty Ryan tee. In stores now! Get it! -Corey

MP3 Monday

Day Late and a dollar short. Story of my life. Check out the new Cheetahsaurus album. -Corey

Shelby Menzel

COMUNE/Drop City artist Shelby Menzel sent me some pictures of his new lair. Here’s what he had to say: “Check out the headquarters for all my mental investigations/living needs. Scotty’s basement, Coyle’s old room, his spirit is still down there.” -Shelby Menzel Observe more of Shelby’s Mental Investigations at www.handshakeinparadise.blogspot.com/ -Corey