COMUNE TRUNK SHOW @ THE CLOSET The Closet – Fashion Island Saturday, December 5th 1-4pm Join COMUNE this Saturday for an afternoon gathering and trunk show at The Closet. Receive a COMUNE/DROP CITY limited edition photobook with every $50 COMUNE purchase featuring: Jason Lee Parry, Jimmy Fontaine, Ray Gordon, Andrew Kuykendall and Corey Smith. See...

Hunter Longe

COMUNE/Drop City artist Hunter Longe sent over this photo of some Drone Dungeon cardboard cut outs!  See more of Hunter’s work at  -Corey

MP3 Monday

In a human brain our complex sets would have to represent at least peta quantonics interrelationships, roughly 250 and in base 10, 1015 qubits (perhaps many more). That number grows combinatorially since all neurons potentially interrelate all neurons. Learning then is a combination of establishing more and more of those quantonic interrelationships and our brain...

Hunter Longe Better Late Than Never

COMUNE/DROP CITY artist Hunter Longe sent over some photos and video from the interactive video installation he did a while back. Comune Launch party at Azalea: I apologize for the delay of this post as the event took place over a month ago. Nevertheless here is some documentation of the video installation that was part...

New Year’s in Mammoth

We are getting together with our friends at S?BRE, BL!SSS and The Closet to celebrate New Year’s in Mammoth! Tickets and more info below. Hope to see you there! w. S?BRE + COMUNE + BL!SSS + The Closet w. 12.31.09 @ 9PM w. CANYON LODGE- MAMMOTH LAKES, CALIFORNI? Tickets Available Soon at: + S?BRE- 436...

Tent City

Well, I decided to move into the COMUNE/Drop City containers to be closer to my artwork as I prepare for upcoming art shows in 2010. Feel free to join me. All you need is a tent and the desire to keep it real. Here’s some photos of my minimalist set up. -Corey

Mental Investigation by Shelby Menzel

COMUNE/Drop City artist Shelby Menzel sent me this amazing artwork describing the plight of the often misunderstood dolphin. See more of Shelby’s Mental Investigations at -Corey

MP3 Monday

Here’s one of my all time favorite songs. -Corey

Josh Mills

COMUNE snowboarder Josh Mills stopped by the COMUNE office today to say what up. We always enjoy a visit from ol Millsy. Josh Mills CS: Yo man, where you been? JM: I’ve been up in Oregon. I recently moved to Bend and have been spending time in Portland as well. CS: How long did it...

Peter Watkins

COMUNE skateboarder Peter Watkins stopped by the office today to say what up. Be sure to check out his part in the new Black Label video “God Save the Label” so sick. A couple questions with Peter Watkins. CS: Good day sir. How are you? PW: Beauty, enjoying a frosty beverage here at COMUNE CS:...

Noel Sinclair Boyt

Introducing new COMUNE/Drop City artist Noel Sinclair Boyt. Look for his signature T-shirt dropping Fall 10. We’re excited to work with Noel on future projects and Drop City art shows. Noel Sinclair Boyt was born into the Divine Brotherhood of the Ox Blood on January 24, 1987 in shambhala, Colorado. His work is a nonlinear...


Look for Ben Frost’s signature COMUNE/Drop City T-shirt dropping Spring 10. If your down under check out Ben’s latest exhibit. I’ve been a huge fan of Ben’s work for many years now. He’s one of the most prolific and inspiring artists working today. LOST IN THE SUPERMARKET LOST IN THE SUPERMARKET A NEW SOLO EXHIBITION...

Concrete Mag 2009 photo annual

Pick up the latest copy of CONCRETE mag and check out the new COMUNE ad featuring the photography of COMUNE/Drop City photographer Andrew Kuykendall. See more of Andrew’s work at -Corey

MP3 Mondays


Dock Ellis & The LSD No-No by James Blagden

I don’t usually post any youtube shit, but this is an exception. This may be the greatest baseball story ever told. -Corey

Ben Rice

When COMUNE snowboarder Ben Rice got out of court today he went over to Squaw Valley and dropped in on the Red Lodge. Not a bad way to start the year off. Does this count as a first descent? photo: Eric Messier -Corey