Weekend at Matty's

I’m takin it upon myself to give you a little insight to what is going on in my life. So here is a photo of me and shelby he came down to g ville s.c. to shoot my holden ad. I now have a photo blog called www.gypsysituations.blogspot.com I take all the terrible photos with...


I know its hot out there for some of you, just remain calm, get a cold one, and just relax. If you cant make it to a body of water for a swim, roll one up and have a pool party in your mind. -shelby


COMUNE team rider Jeff Lenoce enjoys skating in the dark. He wears the ‘Jerry’ flannel hood, and his signature denim by COMUNE. Enjoy this point and shoot edit from Lakai then go buy a pair of their shoes. LENOCE – NIGHT MOVES from COMUNE on Vimeo.


Check out the Trailer for the new Autumnline productions film “MONTEVIDEO”. I’m so hyped on this trailer! Did I mention it features COMUNE rider and ultra nice guy Brendan Hayes! Nice one buddy! See more at www.autumnline.com MONTEVIDEO TRAILER from the tree project on Vimeo.

COMUNE Spring 2010 featured on Highsnobiety.com

COMUNE Spring 2010 featured on Highsnobiety.com Something Better Change – and things are. Starting with this sneak feature of COMUNE’s Spring 2010 Collection. Click image to check it out. by Corey

Jay Lee Parry's Birthday

COMUNE collaborator and fashion photographer Jay Lee Parry celebrated his birthday last week at his vintage Newport beach house. It literally looks the same as it did in the 70’s. It was so cool. I kinda felt like I went back in time into a “Three’s Company” Episode. Either that or a David Lynch film....


Just got these random shots of Albert doing his thing, good to see that this kid is handling some business. These photos are a Little bit of a tease, but check him soon as DEATHWISH is about to hit the road for tour.


Thank you to everyone who came out to our INVEN.TORY by COMUNE launch party… Here is a sneak peak of the shenanigans from Wednesday night. More to come. (click on image to view the larger size) Enjoy


Holy crap, check out the latest teaser for VIDEOGRASS featurting COMUNE snowboarders Eric Messier and Jordan Mendenhall. Be sure to pick up a copy when it drops! VIDEOGRASS TEASER from VIDEOGRASS on Vimeo. by Corey

Summer Road Trippin With Eric Messier and Ben Rice

What’s better than going on a road trip with your buddy with no other agenda than to check stuff out and drive around? Nothing! COMUNE snowboarders Eric Messier and Ben Rice just got back on an epic summer road trip. They went to Yosemite national park, checked out some hot springs, met some locals, ate...

Videograss Premier

If you’re in Portland this Tues. the 21st check out the World premier of Videograss. Don’t forget to say what up to our NW rep Tom Weniger! by Corey

Absinthe Neverland Teaser

Check out the teaser for the upcoming Absinthe movie “Neverland” featuring COMUNE snowboarder Cale Zima. Be sure to pick up a copy when it drops. Neverland by Absinthe Films from Absinthe Films on Vimeo. by Corey

Ben Rice Coulda Been A Contenda

COMUNE snowboarder, small town playboy, and chemical connoisseur Ben Rice finally got his ass handed to him… Here’s what he had to say about his facial adjustment: “Well, I managed to get the shit kicked out of me by three big mountain bike bros. To top it off I lost my camera. They fucked me...


COMUNE collaborator and visual artist Hunter Longe is part of a collective of artists known as DRONE DUNGEON. DRONE DUNGEON creates limited edition video zines. Check out issue 2 “REHASH” below: For more information about future shows and release dates check http://dronedungeon.com/ Drone Dungeon, originally formed by the spontaneous convergence of Hunter Longe and Jason...

Jimmy Fontaine New Work

COMUNE collaborator and NY based photographer Jimmy Fontaine sent over some new work. See more at www.jimmyfontaine.com by Corey

Maloof Money Cup Highlights

Check out the highlights of the Maloof Money Cup that went down this last weekend in OC. You can check out more details at www.skateboarding.com by Corey