Ashbury Demo at Bear

Here’s some pics from the Ashbury demo at Bear. The sun was shining, the entire team showed up (despite their hectic schedules) and a good time was had by all. Some of the craziest tech tricks went down and positive vibes were in the air. Check it: Matty Ryan aka. Homewreck aka. Babyshoes pulled through...


We just got our Holiday 09′ samples in and guess who just happened to show up right in time to grab one of everything-

Crocodiles in New York Times

Click the pick to see the story The New York Times just posted on Crocodiles at SXSW!

SXSW with Crocodiles part 1

Despite a serious shake down at the Arizona border check COMUNE supporters Crocodiles made it to Austin, Texas for the SXSW music festival and have already started blowing minds. Here’s a brief sample of the Crocs first day hi-jinx as well as some of the better bands we’ve seen so far- Crocodiles first show of...

Ashbury Demo March 28th Bear Mtn

Don’t miss this event!

Join Comune For : Picnic In The Park

R.I.P Randy Rhoads

Today marks the death of Randy Rhoads (December 6, 1956 – March 19, 1982) lets all mourn together as we watch this video below…

Jimmy Fontaine

NY fashion photographer and COMUNE contrubuter Jimmy Fontaine sent over some pics from a personal project he just did. Check it out one of my favorites below. Styling by Marcus LeBlanc and Ozz Nooryani grooming by Christine Cherbonnier. See more of Jimmy’s work at and

Ben Rice's new ad in BLISSS

Check out everyone’s favorite couch surfer Ben Rice’s new ad in BLISSS magazine. Pick up a copy at your local shop.

Comune Snow am Johnnie Paxson

If you haven’t seen this ground breaking video of Johnnie Paxson from last summer check it out. One day on a 85ft. Windell’s step up, no big deal. Double back late bs 180? Hell yeah Johnnie, can’t wait to see what he’s been throwin down this year. Johnnie Paxson – Windells Jump from Jon Montana...

Arkade Magazine Cale Zima Interview

Check out the latest interview in Arkade magazine with COMUNE am Cale Zima. Interview by Lizard King. Pick up a copy at your local shop.

A Snowboard Contest

Come out to Mt. High this saturday for “A Snowboard Contest” hosted by Active Ride Shop-

Arkade Magazine Better Late Than Never

Our homies over at Arkade Magazine finally sent us over some of the latest copies of their mag. Matty Ryan cleaned up with a mellow 10pg. interview and his mug on the cover. Pick up a copy at your local shop! Matty Ryan Interview! Artist interview with Corey Smith.

Lenoce on SHAKE JUNT

Click the pic to see Lenoce’s “PRO AS FUCK” video post up now on SHAKE JUNT son-

Matty Ryan's Skate Footy

Check out COMUNE pro snowboarder Matty Ryan’s skateboard footy. Homewreck lives! This is what makes snowboarding easy for this kid.