Nima Giveaway

Nima’s kit is up for grabs… So all Nima look alikes, click below.

Active Brodown Showdown

Be there! This event is going to be so fun!

Semi Semi-pro

It might not be as cool as this shot- But Comune’s super intern Brandon’s brother Robby Ward nailed this shot and got a cool 165 G’s. Take that Dukes!-

"White Noise" Art show, Portland OR

The “White Noise” show curated by Jhordan Dahl in Portland OR, went off without a hitch. If anything there were too many people there! There’s also some debate on (Mixed reviews but worth checking out) White Noise opening at Worksound, Portland from PORT: on Vimeo. Work Sound Gallery SE 8th and Alder....

The Accidental Lumberjack

Check out this zine by Portland OR based photographer Niel Dacosta. Look for photo tee shirts with Neil’s work in the future. See more of Niel’s work at

Crocodiles on Vice TV

Our good friends Crocodiles have their video for Neon Jesus on the front page of Click the busted screen grab to watch- Also, be sure to check them out on tour in the next couple months- Here on their myspace.

Eric Fernandez Interview w/ YoBeat

Hump day interview with Eric Fernandez. Click the photo to check it out-

New Teasers

Some new teasers including a lot of Comune riders. Thanks to the Ashbury dudes for uploading these to vimeo- BozWreck 3000 Bozwreck 3000 Teaser from Ashbury Eyewear on Vimeo. Team ThunderEarly Team Thunder Teaser from Ashbury Eyewear on Vimeo.