TJ Schnieder and his new board Robby and land pirate Stephen Duke Messier fear & loathing Pat Bridges, Kyle, and Jordan staring at the bartender Ragdoll’s custom Comune shirt Nima showing off the Ashbury goods Stephen Duke ruling at life Comune rider Josh Mill’s new board. In stores Fall ’09 Comune Rider Jon Kooley’s new...

Think Thank's "Cool Story"

Check out the teaser for the newest video from Think Thank, “Cool Story”:

White Noise Art Show Feb. 6th Portland, OR

Group art show featuring Portland’s finest artists. Curated by the lovely and talented Jhordan Dahl. See you there. post: Corey Smith

The Fizz

Our own renaissance man Eric Messier is taking misogeny and product placement to new levels. Mixtape #1: Lo-Fi Electronic Voyage-The Fiz (Mostly newer tracks with tracks that are also in the works) click here


If you’re coming to AGENDA this Thursday – Saturday, don’t miss out on our party we’re throwing Friday night at ACTIVE’s gaslamp store. Free beer from sapporo and non of that list nonsense…just arrive early!

Ray Gordon's Bear Encounter

Yikes! The infamous Ray Gordon sent me this out take from one of his last photo shoots. I don’t know about you, but I’d be scared shitless facing down this grizzly without a Canadian bear suit. Look for a signature photo tee from Ray and COMUNE in the near future. See more of Ray’s photographs...

Howie At the Office

Assistant deigner Howie Marchbanks breaking in the new office. by Corey Smith

Shys Giveaway

For not too much longer The Shys are giving away their new album for free. Make sure to grab one before it’s over!-

Sentimental Gentlemen

COMUNE homey/artist/renaissance man/Shelby Menzel performs in Portland Oregon band the Sentimental Gentlemen. Check them out at by Corey Smith

Ben Rice

Ben Rice just sent us this photo of him wallriding his luxurious new Tahoe estate-

Back From the Dead

Check this epic pic Rags just sent us…..can you say comeback??


My new favorite band Crocodiles finally have songs up on their myspace. Click the photo to take a listen- Oh and these guys just happen to be playing our agenda party @ Active on Jan. 23rd…look for the flyer all up in this blog this week!

Sneak Peek

Comune is officially blogging starting today…. Bookmark our page and check for daily updates starting now! As a special holiday treat here is a sneak peek at our debut line for FALL 2009- If you haven’t already, make your appointments now with your friendly neighborhood sales rep to view the line for the very first...